A Prayer Ceremony in Noise

by Circle Round A Stone

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I - Welcome and Invocation
II - First Sermon
III - Messages from Beyond
IV - Burnt Offerings
V - Meditations
VI - Prayers
VII - Reflections
VIII - Confessions (Needle Tracks)
IX - Second Sermon
X - Illumination

Assembled in the winter months of 2014, A Prayer Ceremony in Noise is a full-length audio collage from Circle Round A Stone. Presented by Bogeye Recordings as a digital-only free download. PDF booklet included in download package.


released January 8, 2015

Prayer Ceremony is the culmination of a sustained period of collection, experimentation and assemblage. Intended as one piece composed of many parts, it excerpts, borrows and samples to build a collage. All sounds used began as something else, some still are.




Bogeye Recordings Kent, UK

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