No​-​One's Year

by Circle Round a Stone

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"I believe in conceptual and experimental art, and I think it’s under threat. It’s hardly the worst thing that might come out of the political landscape of 2016 and beyond, but I think it’s worth mentioning.


This piece is about how I feel, and how I’ve felt this year. It’s about readymades, and collage, and compressing media into output. But, it’s also about keeping something alive. I encourage you to make your own art without purpose, without meaning. Make something challenging. Make something that requires a serious effort to make sense of. Make something within a tradition. Make something that doesn’t reward serious effort, just to throw people off the scent. Don’t let them kill postmodernism, or conceptualism, or experiment. Don’t let it kill itself by becoming institutionalised. Take it underground. Make it new. "

PDF of the full text included with download.


released January 22, 2017

Circle Round a Stone
No-one’s Year

1. Send Me to the Death Chamber
2. It’s Not About Your Opinion
3. Art Out of Bricks
4. A Good Bounce on It
5. No Gods
6. Powerdrill Massacre
7. Bogeye Sort
8. EP Straight in the Bin
9. A Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever




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